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Why ProTect Assurance Corp Was Formed

After decades of experience in the Vehicle Service Contract industry, the founding members of ProTect Assurance Corp realized there was a significant lack of convenience, transparency and concern for the customer. At the time, there were two main methods of obtaining service contracts for car owners: 1) highly expensive contracts, offering limited or confusing coverage when purchasing their vehicle, or 2) cheap, nameless and suspect policies through unreliable companies.

In this highly competitive market, many of these providers offered products that sounded good but were sold with questionable sales tactics and with no guarantee of anything. Customers fell for these extremely low-priced contracts only to realize later that the provider had either closed its doors, leaving the customers with zero coverage or wouldn’t stand behind their promises. For a long period of time, it was either too costly, or too risky for the average vehicle owner to buy a Vehicle Service Contract.

Being consumers ourselves, having experience in the industry and the knowledge of how to provide value, as well as proper insurance backing, the founders initiated ProTect Assurance Corp as a new option for protection and peace-of-mind to car owners. Being an insured company, we removed the risk of leaving you to pay the claims, therefore delivering a safe, honest, and protected option.

Today, ProTect Assurance Corp successfully provides solutions to thousands of customers across the United States. People are given straightforward contract options at reasonable prices. We can do that because we are a Direct to Consumer Company as well as being the entire package for all of your needs. We are the administrator, the payment plan provider and the claims department. Best of all, these contracts are fully insured by an AM BEST rated insurance carrier to ensure that the coverage is there when you need it.

What PTAC Offers That is Unique

As a safe and reliable administrator for obtaining a Vehicle Service Contract for your vehicle, PTAC offers unique advantages over competitors:

The products that we offer are backed by an AM BEST rated insurance company. ProTect is a direct to consumer administrator which means we can promise you value for your money and the best prices in the market for insured contracts.
High Quality
Our promise to you is high quality plans along with high quality service. All of the options available here at ProTect Assurance Corp are guaranteed to offer value and worth to you and your vehicle. That way you can relax and find a plan that meets you and your car’s needs without worrying about the quality of the contract.
A Comprehensive Administrator
ProTect Assurance Corp is a comprehensive administrator, in that it provides plans and products for you to choose from. Other services we provide: third party branding and financing.
Best Priced Administrator
When it comes to insured plans from top providers in the nation, you won’t find better prices anywhere else! We are a Direct to Consumer Company, meaning: we are the administrator, payment plan provider and claims department. Since we don’t go through any middleman, such as auto dealerships or agencies, we can control our service, payment plan options, and claims process. That savings gets passed on to our customers by about 30% below average market price!
ProTect Assurance Corp is a contract administrator managed by members that are experienced in all aspects of the Vehicle Service Contract. We know what is offered in the market. We understand what consumers are searching for and we utilize our expertise in our research to create the best plans for our customers. We have been in the business for more than 30 years and continuously look for new ways to improve and enhance our service for our clients.
Committed to Customers
ProTect Assurance Corp is committed to customer satisfaction. Our management team puts extra emphasis on customer protection, customer service, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to making sure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience with us, and we are eager to assist your service contract needs in every way possible.
Work by Valuable Work Ethos
Our company is based on a valuable work ethos that has made us a trustworthy administrator from the start. Our staff is dedicated to discipline, professionalism, a research and knowledge based mindset, and enthusiasm to provide the best service possible. We are truly dedicated to leading our industry in every way possible.

Our Team

Wendy – President and CEO

Wendy worked for 9 years in the retail automotive industry holding positions as Finance Manager, Sales Manager and Fleet Manager. Wendy founded Pro-Techs Dealer Services, LLC in 1994 to provide products and services to enhance Dealer F&I profitability. Pro-Techs Dealer Services continues in 2018 to be one of the leading Agencies in the automotive industry and she has grown Pro-Techs from zero to an incredibly successful and profitable business today. Over the tenure at Pro-Techs Dealer Services she has received many awards for being a top performing Agency. Wendy is a licensed insurance agent in Property, Casualty/Life/Health & CL/AH for Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois and is also AFIP Certified, FILES Certified, and is a Certified Sales/Menu Trainer for the world’s largest automotive retailer and Safe-Guard Products International.

Kenny – Claims Director

Kenny has 9 years of retail automotive experience as Director of Fixed Operations, Sales Manager, and General Manager. He joined a large contract administrative company in 1996 as a claims adjuster and was promoted from Claims Team Leader to Claims Supervisor. Kenny became the Vice President of Operations and was in charge of claims, claims payment, customer service, contract administration, and agent dealer services. In 2017 he was responsible for adjudicating more than 20,000 claims, paying out over $7,500,000.00 in claims, and processing 75,000 contract applications. His duties also included product development, actuarial involvement, managing large books of ongoing and runoff business and risk management.

Chrissie – Vice President and CFO

Chrissie has spent her entire career in the automotive industry over the last 35 years holding every position in the admin office. These positions include Receptionist, Car Biller, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Warranty Administrator, Payroll, Office Manager and Controller. She spent fourteen years as Controller of a dealership in a large dealer group. In recent years she was employed by another large dealer group where she held the position of Special Projects Manager. She worked on setting up their Unclaimed Property for the State of Minnesota, as well as filling in as Office Manager for their Hyundai store and training Office Managers for the corporation.

Tom – Finance Co-Director

With almost 30 years of experience in the finance industry, Tom has consistently demonstrated proven leadership and successful performance throughout his career. Tom worked for a large, well known finance company for 20 years: 10 years as a branch manager where he started the branch as $0 and successfully increased outstandings to multi million dollars in indirect auto financing and direct personal loans and 10 years as the Regional Vice President where he oversaw 8 branches located in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois with millions in loan outstandings. Tom was instrumental in establishing 10 new start up branches for this company and he holds insurance licenses in Illinois for Property/Casualty and Life/ AH.

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